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Cleanliness Testing

This new inspection procedure will allow us to measure contamination particle size, count, and weight. Using ultrasonic parts washing and now contamination measurement we can provide customers parts that are qualified to go directly into their assembly. The station is all set up and initial testing has begin.

2018 Highlights

In 2018 New Dimensions: Produced 2,538 unique custom machined products, of which 882 were new in 2018.    Processed 4,693,785 lbs. of raw material, generating 3,273,165 lbs. of finished goods.    Shipped 445,909 units, 6994 individual shipments ranging from 1 piece to 2,245 pieces.      Thank you to all our employees, customers and suppliers for making all of this happen.

Happy Holidays!

A great holiday treat and a great cause. Employee fruit baskets purchased through Marengo High School for the Band Program fund raiser to help provide funding for instruments and musical education.


New Dimensions will be closed Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th.


Construction is underway on our new 2,100 sq-ft Quality Department. The new larger room will provide space for our new gravimetric cleanliness testing station, an additional CMM, as well as future inspection equipment growth.


Delivery day for our new high capacity production band-saw.

Cut width of 13-3/4″, hydraulic work piece clamping, and CNC programmed with variable speed and feed control to optimize cutting per material type and size. A great addition to our current saw cutting capabilities.