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2019 Highlights


In 2019 New Dimensions: Produced 1,835 unique custom machined products, of which 719 were new in 2019.  Processed 4,004,310 lbs. of raw material, generating 2,760,246 lbs of finished goods. And Shipped 360,653 units, made up of 5,553 individual shipments ranging from 1 piece to 1,400 pieces. Thank you to all our employees, customers and suppliers.

New Ultrasonic Washer

Installation has begun on our new washer. The washer will be used for post-thermal deburr cleaning to go with our new TEM thermal deburring machine coming early next year. The new washer includes 3 tanks with ultrasonics, auto-conveyance between stages, and programmable wash cycles to ensure repeatable, effective part de-oxidation and cleanliness.


Many of the projects that we do at ND are not a typical rectangular hydraulic manifold. Our programmers are equipped with latest version 3D CADCAM software including advanced milling techniques and our Manufacturing Engineering group can design custom work-holding to produce parts with challenging geometries.

New Quality Room Up and Running

Everyone is excited to be up and running in our new 2,100 sqft Quality Room. The new space provides: independent climate control, new LED lighting, additional inspector stations, better gage storage and access, additional space for new CMM equipment and a better work flow.

Employee Financial Wellness Program Successes

Current wellness survey; 56% of our participants are less scared, less confused and more confident about their personal finances. 73% can pay for a $1000 emergency with their current savings (without using a credit card).  46% are now using a monthly written budget.   TOTAL FINANCIAL TURNAROUND $100,173 !