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Employee Financial Wellness Program Successes

Current wellness survey; 56% of our participants are less scared, less confused and more confident about their personal finances. 73% can pay for a $1000 emergency with their current savings (without using a credit card).  46% are now using a monthly written budget.   TOTAL FINANCIAL TURNAROUND $100,173 !

Top Performance and Innovation Awards

At the Bosch Rexroth North American supplier conference ND received 2 very exclusive awards:    Top Performance Award: For overall Quality, Delivery, Cost Competitiveness. Over 40 suppliers attended and only 4 of these awards given outInnovation Award: For innovation using digital technology to improve the customer experience. Only 2 of these awards given.


We are pleased to announce that effective April 2nd, 2019 New Dimensions Precision Machining has been acquired by Northfield Holding LLC joining manufacturing partners Northfield Industries and D&N Machining. This new partnership will broaden our manufacturing capabilities and will provide additional resources for expansion.            See our NEWS tab for additional information.


A company lunch to celebrate all the hard work that everyone one has put in to make a successful first quarter of 2019. The sandwiches were purchased from our local Jersey Mike’s Subs on their annual day of giving (#DAYOFGIVING), 100% of of the sales were donated to local charities.

Burr Free Parts are Critical

We understand having burr free parts is critical to product performance. We have dedicated staff trained specifically on identifying and removing troublesome burrs through a combination of manual and thermal deburring operations. A coat of paint and new LED lighting completed a recent 5-S project to help improve throughput and effectiveness in this area.