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New Quality Room Up and Running

Everyone is excited to be up and running in our new 2,100 sqft Quality Room. The new space provides: independent climate control, new LED lighting, additional inspector stations, better gage storage and access, additional space for new CMM equipment and a better work flow.

Employee Financial Wellness Program Successes

Current wellness survey; 56% of our participants are less scared, less confused and more confident about their personal finances. 73% can pay for a $1000 emergency with their current savings (without using a credit card).  46% are now using a monthly written budget.   TOTAL FINANCIAL TURNAROUND $100,173 !

Top Performance and Innovation Awards

At the Bosch Rexroth North American supplier conference ND received 2 very exclusive awards:    Top Performance Award: For overall Quality, Delivery, Cost Competitiveness. Over 40 suppliers attended and only 4 of these awards given outInnovation Award: For innovation using digital technology to improve the customer experience. Only 2 of these awards given.


We are pleased to announce that effective April 2nd, 2019 New Dimensions Precision Machining has been acquired by Northfield Holding LLC joining manufacturing partners Northfield Industries and D&N Machining. This new partnership will broaden our manufacturing capabilities and will provide additional resources for expansion.            See our NEWS tab for additional information.


A company lunch to celebrate all the hard work that everyone one has put in to make a successful first quarter of 2019. The sandwiches were purchased from our local Jersey Mike’s Subs on their annual day of giving (#DAYOFGIVING), 100% of of the sales were donated to local charities.